Rendezvous Brasserie Menus

Due of staff shortages Plats Brasserie/Bistro Menu will not available Fri/Sat/Sun


Sundays we only offer dishes from The Menu Rapide

At Rendezvous Brasserie we strive to serve you with the best in fine French Mediterranean dining and to produce a culinary experience that will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next visit.
For Vegetarians, Fish lovers and Carnivores, we have a menu that caters for all tastes and recipes that will surprise and delight.

The ingredients in our dishes are carefully selected from local sources as well as London markets to ensure the highest quality and freshness.
People visit us from all over the South East to enjoy our authentic French Mediterranean cuisine, why don’t you join them.

Here you can view our current and seasonal menus. Prices shown are correct at time of publishing and can vary from time to time.

Breakfast is served daily until 12 noon

Plats Brasserie/Bistro Menu Not available Fri/Sat/Sun

Rendezvous Brasserie 24-26 Market Square, Westerham, Kent TN16 1AR
01959 561408
10am - 4pm
Wednesday to Saturday
10am - 4pm / 6pm - 10pm
9:30 am to 4pm

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